Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

Legacy 242 exists to help more people meet Jesus, experience life change, and follow Him.

Our mission is rooted in the command Jesus gave his followers to make disciples of all nations before he ascended into heaven after his resurrection in Matthew 28:16-20. Can you imagine a world saturated with the love of God? This disciple making strategy is exactly how God plans to make that happen! He has invited you and I to be part of it, so let's get in the game.

The Vision

Our hope is to see God build a legacy of love from house to house and generation to generation much like the first century church in Acts 2:42 (see 2:42-47).

This vision is rooted in Jesus' discussion about the greatest commandment in Mark 12:28-31. We get a glimpse of what it actually looks like to love God and love others as it is lived out by the first believers in the book of Acts (2:42-47). Can you imagine how the communities where you live, learn, work, and play would be transformed if people truly loved God and one another like Jesus loves us?

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